Sunday, 16 October 2011

Land Review

I decided to head up to Oran Park while Benjamin was having his afternoon sleep to check out the blocks. I looked at 3154 & 3155 first as these didn't involve sneaking through a fence. Both had a large drop off to the rear of the property but 35m yard could make up for that.....

Broke into the "Restricted Area" and headed to 3191 & 3192, there was a massive pit in the front of the blocks and the cutout for an Electricity transformer on 3191. 3192 looked like it would have no inspection pits/easements so was looking as the favorite as it was pretty flat but had to decide if a 32m yard was enough.

Spoke to my DW at home that afternoon about all of the blocks and agreed that the best choice would be either 3191 or 3192 as they would have the best site costs.

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