Monday, 24 December 2012

It fits....

The car looks good in the garage...

Merry Xmas to all and to all a good build!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

We finally have keys

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So we have a heap of keys....... a few outstanding issues that will be fixed, SS told me if I left it on Master Key tradies could just go in to do stuff. I told him that the house is mine so no way I am leaving it on master key for anyone to just wonder in

I waited for a tradie to fix up an issue on the bath and then locked her up, a plumber arrived because he wanted to switch the bath spout to a shorter one but could not let himself in. Told him I'd have to run it past the boss so he'll be back next year for the dishwasher anyways.

Had a call from a sparkie trying to get in this morning "Can't get in, did you take the house off Master key".... hmmmmm yes

I'll be updating my blog over Xmas, I stopped because I got busted onsite and have a heap of pics to post of me being in there as per below ;)

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Handover date tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the final day that the Supervisor's at Allworth are working (Xmas party on Thursday)

Bathroom tiling should be completed today, tapware on tomorrow and a visit from Trend to sort out the rear door...

So hopefully tomorrow everything will be completed, I have told the SS I can visit the site in the afternoon to inspect. Fingers crossed it is all ok and I can get the keys, if not they are not back until the 14th January :(

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

SS contact

SS called the Boss today, all the items on the list have been resolved with the exception of the bathroom which is a work in progress.

Cleaners went through on Tuesday and will do another run through after the bathroom is done :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Contact from the builder

Just had a call from home, the Deputy Construction Manager went onsite today.

He has emailed us to let us know that the items raised are being actioned, some have been completed and the rest are booked in to be resolved.

The Bath spout will be relocated to the correct position but this will push completion into next week some time due to the amount of work involved.

The house will be cleaned to "Industry Standard", so we are getting clarification on what that is....... aslong as it mean's the floor is vaccumed and cupboards, benches and wet area's all cleaned that should be OK

My wife was told by the GM it should be "like a shiny penny" when you walk in.

Good to see them onto everything, we have told them not to rush the work as we want it done right not fast.

Overall a little disappointing as we wont be able to get anything done until 2013 now :(

Monday, 10 December 2012

Leave cancelled heading back to work

Have been told by the GM that our complaints and concerns emailed have been forwarded to the Construction Manager for action.

Nothing back today so organised to head back to work tomorrow so I don't just sit at home playing PlayStation while we wait for them to finish

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Email to builder

Sent that email off yesterday, but this morning we were talking about the main bathroom. There was an issue with the spout not quite long enough to be fully over the bath. We were talking about the whole room seeming off.

So off to the display today and we see the problem. The display tap is on the end of the bath, our place has it in the centre on the long side.

So a please explain to the builder tomorrow. I am meant to be on leave to organise flooring installs etc but seems like I will cancel and head back to work Tuesday.....

Friday, 7 December 2012

Handover a bust....

Well we had our handover inspection but I doubt we will be in the house anytime soon.........

A bunch of things inside we are not overly happy about but the major thing is really the Rear slider, it has been unable to lock for the whole build and is still not repaired. SS said he had been chasing Trend about it but I can't take possession of the house as my insurance company will not cover me as I am unable to secure the home correctly.......

The painting stuff will be addressed on Monday and the mortar issues have been marked to be fixed this afternoon

Felt sick on the way home and my wife has told me she doesn't even want the place after the inspection.......

My wife spoke to the General Manager and is drafting an email for him on Monday. She has also told me she is taking charge

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Still not fixed, Handover tomorrow

Well the date for handover is tomorrow at 10:30 so either it gets fixed tomorrow morning or suitable commitment in the next few days.

It is not filling me with confidence the interior will be acceptable

oh yeah this is what the place looks like....

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Street view (the tree that was there is gone)
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well disappointed this arvo, the SS called late to tell my wife the house was complete and they organised the handover inspection.

I got out there and a PVC downpipe replaced 2 weeks ago is still not painted, there was paint damage to the door I expected to be fixed at the same time. Also the mortar blowouts and cracking on window sill issues I pointed out after the brick clean and was told would be fixed still there.

A please explain email to head office (can only call the SS direct on certain afternoons) last night and a follow up call from my DW

Was told the SS would call us today but no call.......

Also checked out my loan account and my lender has paid the final payment even though I requested it be held until after my final inspection.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Handover date

Well Handover is meant to happen this week.....

I know the bank has the valuer going through this afternoon so it is pretty close to all done obviously :)

We need to let them know by the 11th (Tuesday week) if we want our Appliance's installed on the 19th of December before they close up. I'm not sure one when my tiler will start so commiting at this stage to that date for the appliance's going in seems not doable so they will drag until 2013 :(

So we wont rush to be living there prior to Xmas, just get thinks done so we can just move in so all the flooring, driveway, fences, landscaping, etc if we can

Have been contacted by two of our neighbours which is awesome, just waiting on the people over the back fence to say hello so we can get fence's rolling as soon as we get all the quotes back in.

Have to say a big surprise yesterday when I was watch TV yesterday arvo (Sunday) and get a phone call from the fencer confirming 100% what I wanted for the side block-off's on the house