Sunday, 26 February 2012

Allworth Options which are in and which are out!!

Going through the options for the house that we had selected and its time to start cutting some out and adding some in......

Removed the windows we had added to the family room as we figured the Sliders would bring in enough light. Decided on two windows at the front instead of 1 big one and the manhole to be in the garage rather than the house itself.

One of the thinks we are toying with is higher ceilings or not??? Back and forth between the Langford display and the Winton to see the difference. Higher ceiling makes the house feel bigger in the rear hallway and throughout so the decision is made it should be money well spent

The options that we went with are:

Urban Facade
Additional Brick Pier to Garage to match Urban Facade
Granno Sorrento finish to piers to met Developer Guidelines
Provide Corbelling to each pier (as per client diagram)
Overhead Cupboards over fridge
Alfresco Area with  screed concrete floor
2590mm ceilings
2340mm doors as per display
4.8m panelift door
Hume 1020mm front door + frosted glass
Translucent glass to front entry side light
R1.6 Soundscreen to media room + soundcheck gyprock
R1.6 Soundscreen to Laundry/Bed3 wall + soundcheck gyprock
Cavity slider Bed 1 walk in rode
1200mm wall tiles Ensuite
Ultra Premium 3 coat paint system
R3.5 insulation to Garage & Alfresco
Laundry door locks to garage internal door
Cold water point to fridge space
Reposition Bed3 window to rear
Extend home by 500mm through Garage/Bed1 WIR and Ensuite
Move ensuite vanity to rear wall
Install 1.8m x 600mm broom cupboard in entry way
Provide Hills Smart wiring system
32MPA concrete
Lined garage external wall
Extend porch brick pier to eave
Remove laundry door & install window
Install 2 x 800mm windows to Bed 1 (remove large window)

Free Stuff
Monier Horizon Roof tiles
Garage Door Opener
Hills Security Alarm
Two key less remotes for garage door and alarm
Water Filter system in kitchen
Airflow Fan/light/heater to bathroom and ensuite
Omega Dishwasher
Omega Microwave
Two TV points
Two Telephone points

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Decide on a Builder

Family trip out to the Oran Park display village again to decide which house we liked the most...... Beechwood first and not an overwelming sense that we need to buy this house

Into Allworth and Kylie's response from walking around "It feels like I'm at home" so that pretty much seals who we would go with..... but SHHHHH don't tell the sales team here as we are going to try to play hard ball on price!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Facade decisions........

We had started off by looking at the Verve facade as per my photoshop work

Verve Elevation
The problem with this was that we would lose almost 1m of backyard space due to the fake chimney on the front of the house.

We decided to go with the absolute minimum requirement for the estate and then maximize our rear yard so can up with this that appeared to meet the guidelines

My facade - Classic Elevation + Render
Sent this off to the Developer who forwarded it to Landcom and got told this no longer met the requirements for the estate even though there is a home that has the exact design with people moved in already...... bugger back to the drawing board.

Lucky Kylie and I had seen a design that we liked the look of so I mocked it up in photoshop and got the approval from the wife that she liked it and pumped it off to Landcom with a floorplan showing where the peirs would be.

Allworth - Urban Design modified for corbelling
This was approved via Landcom and the developer so forwarded it off for costings from Allworth to do the peiring as I wanted

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tender pickup day

Had a morning appointment with the family to pickup the Allworth quotation, it was around the mark that I expected so pretty happy that all my sums had worked out with this one. From talking to the Sale's Consultant there would be 'room to move'. I had mentioned that one of the builders was about $5,000 cheaper and he said it 'shouldn't be to much of a problem' to get some discount from the price.

I had a meeting in the afternoon with Beechwood, this price much cheaper ($10,000) than the Allworth one which made me go through it with a fine tooth comb to find out what the story with it was. It was only slightly cheaper than Allworth once Site Costs were done but because the Beechwood house had a Guest Room (5 bed house) with its one ensuite once we pulled that our we began to get a massive price difference. We had also made less modifications to the house so the options were not there to go through the roof.

The Beechwood sales guys also told me he had 'more room to move on price'

Time to get Kylie down to go through the homes again.

The tenders coming in knocked Eden Brae and McDonald Jones out of the running and only just had ProCorp sticking in the running.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Eden Brae - Investigations... Is it in?

Drove to work and headed out to Oran Park and met up with Jim from Eden Brae. I got there around 4pm and left at 6pm with a heap of information. He gave me the base price and then added on everything we would need to do as part of the Oran Park development and also gave me a list of all the options we could add and the costings.

This was a great help and gave me a figure that I could work off once I recieved my Tenders back from Allworth & Beechwood. If everything was based on the Sale's guy then he would have been given my business!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Eden Brae - Late Contender?

We all headed out to a new display village at Gledswood Hills and saw an Eden Brae that we like the look of. The floor plan is the Hawthorne 31, will investigate further during the week....