Friday, 26 October 2012

In trouble

Well turns out I am in trouble with the builder. To find the electrical issues I went onsite, when I was told they were fixed I decided to drive into work and go past the house to double check. There were tradies onsite and I told the guy who I was and that I was checking everything was sorted.

Got a very short and rude phone call from my SS talking at me and telling me if I was onsite again they would shutdown the site and do xyz and it would be at least a 2 week delay. I was shocked by the call and basically said nothing I was so shocked....... I had after all pointed out several things that if I had not caught would have been much bigger issues down the track

Figure this post needs a happy picture and seeing that I am writing this after we have finished and the site can't be shutdown, here is my son enjoying his first walk through the house :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Electrical Done

The Electrical stuff has all been done. I can see from the outside that the Speaker cables have not been run to the Alfresco so I'm going to call the Electrician and Builder tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Roof on, now they can work 24/7 :)

Had a family trip down the coast on Saturday morning so after all the fun we decided to make the trip home via the house to check out the roof tile progress and it looks 100% done. (excluding the tiles missing where the scaffolding is mounted)

There seem to be no spare tiles to patch those holes, looks like they just tossed all the ones of the roof they did not need into the rubbish pile. Heaps of smashed tiles everywhere there, I was hoping for some spares in case some break down the track.

Here are some pics

Front Shot

Left side

Right side

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Roof Half done

Went past on the way home to check out what the roof tiles looked like on the house, they are about half done so hopefully they finish up tomorrow :)

Front View

One side complete

Rear view

Brickies finished, Roof tilers onsite

Decided to drive to work today so went past the site in the morning, the brickies have finished up and moved all the broken bricks etc to the front of the site.

The roof tiles have been delivered and the roof tilers are onsite getting the roof done, so hopefully by the weekend the roof is done :)

Bricks finished - Front Entry

Bricks finished - Garage

Roof tilers putting on batons and sarking

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Brickies almost finished

Went past today as the brickies were due to finish today with the Roof tiles to be delivered tomorrow. Got there to find a fresh delivery of sand, 6 courses left on the Main Entryway pier and 4 window sills to be completed.

So I am guessing they ran out of sand today and had to wait for more, should be finished tomorrow.

Almost done

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Family site visit

It has been a while since the little bloke has been at the site, we had Sunday morning free so decided to take him past. He wanted to visit the "Cow Park", there are concrete cows in a park near the display village out there, so out we went.

He was excited to see the bricks around the house, so was my wife, so was a good time to go as it was a nice day. Went to the cow park and to the Allworth display as he wanted to visit Peter our Sales Consultant and watch TV in the display....

Luckly for him he got to watch a Chuggington episode and then back to the park for a picnic lunch before the trip home.

Decided to drive past our house and noticed someone had been onsite and put up the roof scaffolding, on a Sunday!!!

We had be gone for all of about an hour or so and the whole thing was up and nobody around, took a pic...

Ready for a roof

Friday, 12 October 2012

Official onsite inspection

I had organised last week to have a Site Inspection with my Dad today, even though it was raining we went out. Supervisor was late, called him and thought I would not want to visit so was 30 minutes away. Waited for him as I had a few questions that I wanted to ask......

Everything I asked he answered OK, but a heap of "within Building Standards" and "to requirements". Just minor things that if it was me I would have completed a bit more so that someone couldn't walk up and say why is there an extra course above the windows only.

Did get an update that the roof is scheduled to now start on Wednesday next week due to the rain and once that is done it will be about 2 weeks until lockup stage then 5 weeks should be at handover so looking like before Xmas to have the house but not sure on moving in...

No pics as there was no new stuff done

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On the home run, up to the front

The brickies are up to the front of the house and one of the feature piers have been almost completed so can see what it looks like..... Not sure if I like the way they have done it, I would have done it another way, but might make that section more of a feature when complete?

I hope so... Also the plumbing has been all replaced so fingers cross it does not go missing again!

Front shot as there is something new to see :)

Alfresco done

Dinning room slider

Front pier corbling

Monday, 8 October 2012

I stopped visiting :)

Stayed away a few days, had the weekend and Bathurst to watch Sunday so no visit with the family :)

The brickies have had a productive few days and are currently on track to finish this week, I'm not getting there early enough to meet my brickies but have had a chat with the neighbors one. He is wishing he had my job as I have full colour bricks and he is spending alot of time sorting and removing chipped bricks which is slowing down his progress.

Loving our brick selection and joint choice more every wall that goes up, looking forward to the front of the house to see what the feature piering we are doing will look like

Side complete

Rear wall finished

Alfresco walls done

Family room wall

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Can't stop visiting....

I find myself leaving work early everyday this week....... Driving to work which makes it easier but now something is happening I love checking it :)

A couple more pic's, the brickies are motoring along...

Side almost complete

Rear wall getting there

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Brick Progress

Went past again today to see how much work they would get through each day, they have completed the Garage wall (minus the window we had removed) and some of the external Media room wall so I am guessing finishing either next Thursday or Friday.

Also the choice of Rolled (Ironed) joint is perfect for the brick and the brickies are doing a great depth :)

Garage Wall - No Window :)


Garage zoomed in

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Brickies onsite today but plumbing stolen.....

The brickies have begun the work of laying bricks today. They have completed 2 courses around the whole house and installed the Termimesh. Great to finally see some work happening :)

Had a call from my neighbor that their plumbing and mine had been stolen over the long weekend, he called the builder to let them know. The Site Supervisor has told me that the copper plumbing (which was stolen) will be replaced once the brickies are finished so it is not stolen again....

Front shot

Master corner with missing plumbing

Rear corner more missing plumbing