Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cement Delivery, but not my place.......

Went past today, my neighbors (same builder) now have bricks, etc to the same point as me and also Cement onsite....... No cement for me, called the SS and I should have brickies onsite next week

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tile Selections FINALLY done!!

Another trip to the Tile shop and this time success!! The little guy was really good and we brought enough stuff to keep him busy. We have placed our final selections, so along with the earlier tile I posted we will be using the following.

Main Wall tile (Bathroom & Ensuite)

Ensuite Shower insert feature

Main Bathroom shower insert feature

External Entry tile

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fascia & Guttering on, plumbing complete

Have the week off, was hoping to see some bricks going but no luck yet, but a couple of things have been finished off. Fascia and Guttering have been installed and all of the plumbing for the house has been completed.

Finger's crossed my bricks begin soon....

Front view fascia and guttering

Bricks and tank plumbing

Rear Plumbing

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bricks onsite, Garage Window gone, met some Neighbors & Tile shopping

Massive amount of news from this visit :)

We decided to do our tile selections today but after dropping off the little guy decided to swing past the site, we were also going to check out the display bathrooms in case we liked something.

Got to the site and noticed that the Bricks had been delivered and that the Garage Window had been removed (YAY)

While we were there we noticed some Neighbors a few doors up building with the same company so we went to say hello. Was great to met someone in the street finally and they were really nice people so hoping everyone else is the same. We ended up leaving much later for the Tile place as we lost track of time chatting and trading stories about the builder :)

The Tile Selections did not go too well, went and disagreed on a couple of things and before we knew what had happened it was closing time so no decisions yet. Called into the display homes on the way home, this was good as we decided what we didn't like and also found out one of the bathroom cabinet swatches we were using was the wrong colour which was not helping with tile selections.

This help us decide on one tile, the floor tile for the wet areas :)

Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry Floor Tile
Also Ensuite and Bathroon Shower wall (one side)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Roof Trusses on

Went out that way today as I had to take my son to the Dr on his Birthday (yay, sick on your birthday)

The roof is on and the windows are all in, including my Garage Window that is meant to be removed. I contacted the builder and they said they instructed the Carpenter to install it so it would not get stolen over the weekend.

Spoke to my SS on the phone and he told me that the Facia and Guttering will be done next week and that the bricks will be delivered at the end of the week with them scheduled to be layed at some point on the week of the 24th September.

Some pics below....

Standard Front Shot

Master Bedroom Corner

Garage side - window to be removed

Rear Alfresco

Footpath view

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Frame on the way up

Went out to the site on the way home and they have been busy with the frame now up and the roof trusses ready to go on. The windows are also on site (including the Garage one we are having removed) so I am guessing that by the weekend the frame will be complete.....

The site was pretty secure as you will see in one of the pics below

Std front pic

Secured site....

Garage side

Garage window hole that needs to go

On the driveway

Rear Alfresco

Window & Slider Stack

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Meter Box Update 2

Had a call from the Head of Construction yesterday around 1pm, we have to an email to request the window be removed and that the Private Certifier as indicated they will look 'Favourably' at the request so fingers crossed that means he will OK the change :)

So now the crisis over :)

The Certifier has agreed to delete the window with no requirement to go back through CDC :z:

So they will vary the plans and there will be no cost to us or refund. We will be hit with a cost of variation for the Electricity though as there is no junction box on our land so needs to come from the other side of the block next door :(

All in all a happy afternoon, and my wife happy it is where she wanted it 8)

Friday, 7 September 2012

Meter box update

My wife followed up today and they have gone to the Private Certifier to get approval to remove the window so we have our fingers crossed. She's been put on to chasing it up now, as she's less of a push over than me :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Potential Issue - Meter Box

Just had a call from the Construction Dept and someone has not paid attention to our request to have the Electrical Meter box on the Garage side of the house and that there is no room with the window that is there. If we want the meter box on that side they need to put the down pipe down the front of the house outside the garage :(

Part of the issue is we have placed the water tank down that side and everything has been pushed down the wall, so the window is closer to the front of the house. If the slab hadn't have been poured we may have been able to move the water tank....

We have asked if we can find a solution my wife does not want it sitting on the Master bedroom wall....

I just told them brick up the window...... this is the easiest solution and I don't really need it in there anyway and would have told them to remove it anyway.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Slab Day

With the house taking shape and it looking like progress today my wife decided to take our Son along to the site to see if the slab was being laid. Being an almost 3 year old he loves trucks, diggers, dumpers etc and it was also a chance for him to see the house before it got to far along and to get him involved in seeing what is going on.

Armed with the little guy and her camera she got some pics

Concreter's working

From the front gate

Alfresco Outside

Enjoying the Street

Monday, 3 September 2012

Waffle Pods....

These are shots from today when I was on the way home, I had hoped to get down during Fathers Day but the paving job I did at our current house was a bit more work than I expected so was stuck at home working away. So ducked off early from work and headed past to see form work and waffle pods as far as the eye could see ;)

Std Street Shot

Garage Corner

Master Bedroom Corner

Alfresco Corner