Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Plans are FINALLY right!!!

Walked up to the Allworth Head Office today and picked up my plans, I got scared as the Elevation stuff was different from the last plan....... Asked to talk to someone and the Head Draftsman came out and explained everything to me and answered my questions.

Really happy we are at this stage!!! No it's time to sign them off and get all the paper work done so that the plans can be sent for the necessary approvals

Floor Plans

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Landscape Plan

Need to get moving on our Landscape Plans so roughed something up on paper. I've been messaging a new neighbor in the same land release and he told me he used SmartDraw to do his plan up. So downloaded it this morning and threw this together.

Now we just need to work out what hedge plants to use next to the driveway, the plants for the front garden area (Blue Grey zone) and the type of trees to plant in the backyard.

Monday, 14 May 2012

No Deal.....

Left two voice mails at Allworth head office when in the afternoon gets a call from my Sales Consultant advising me he has been informed by Management that all correspondence has to go through the Sales Office.

So no contact between me and Head Office staff...... Sounds good for down the track!!

Raised my concerns that I didn't want to have the same errors come back and that I wanted a change made to the pier I had asked to be moved to align it with the Facade. Explained what I wanted and he called the person that I had spoken to, the return call indicated that there would be no issue with my suggestion.

The next issue was that I couldn't get the plans back to them until the weekend. The Sales Consultant said he would come to our place the next day to pick the paperwork up as it was his suggestion that I meet with Head Office direct.

To make sure 100% what I wanted was going to be done I decided to draw up each section of the floor plan that needed modification to send that in with it. If they get it wrong now I'll be going to the office weather I'm allowed there or not!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Plans ready for review

Got a call this morning while making a couple of Bacon and Egg rolls for breakfast from Allworth. The plans are back and I can pick them up for review. I was around the corner so ducked across and checked them out.

The things I'd asked to fix the first time were still not correct........ Started to write up what needed to be changed further and was told the plan had a letter attached that any further amendments would be all that would be completed. So I wrote everything out and asked if it was possible to speak/meet with the Drafting guys to make sure everything was done correctly and to find out why one of my requests could not be completed due to a 'Construction Constraint'.

I was told that would not be and issue and given the person to call and organise a time to head into the office. So I took the plans and amendment list ready for tomorrow.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Veriations all costed

Finished my training early enough to go past Oran Park on the way home to pickup a sample of all of the Trend window colours we can have. While I was there I got a copy of all of the costings for our variations and had a general chat about what needs to be done next etc

Popped down to the Land Sales office to find out what is happening with the land. It is still at the council and then has to go to the Land Title's Office which will be another 2-3 weeks.

So need to give a final answer about Bricks over the garage at some point over the weekend so the plans can be modified correctly.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Panelling above Garage??

Was looking at the Front Elevation on the plans last night and noticed it reference panelling above the garage door. I thought this was brick, turns out no so getting a costing on that....

Front Elevation

Got the costings back for the render and front door which are both OK but we can't have Silver Pearl windows :(

Monday, 7 May 2012

What door do we get....

Thought I would ask the question about front door choice, looks like you get their Std unless you say something.... Hume XN1 is the Std, after a review of the Hume site we want to go for the XN5 with wave glass

Also asked if we can have the Trend window Silver Pearl finish, this is outside their Std offerring so we'll see what happens here

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Plan review

We all headed into Allworth at Oran Park today to review the plans. As I expected there were two things that were going to be put down wrong by the draftsman.......

This means the plans have to be fixed up, one requires the front porch area to be moved forward a little. Also changing the Granno Sorrento to actual render that we like better :)

So that is two changes so far to be made