Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tender pickup day

Had a morning appointment with the family to pickup the Allworth quotation, it was around the mark that I expected so pretty happy that all my sums had worked out with this one. From talking to the Sale's Consultant there would be 'room to move'. I had mentioned that one of the builders was about $5,000 cheaper and he said it 'shouldn't be to much of a problem' to get some discount from the price.

I had a meeting in the afternoon with Beechwood, this price much cheaper ($10,000) than the Allworth one which made me go through it with a fine tooth comb to find out what the story with it was. It was only slightly cheaper than Allworth once Site Costs were done but because the Beechwood house had a Guest Room (5 bed house) with its one ensuite once we pulled that our we began to get a massive price difference. We had also made less modifications to the house so the options were not there to go through the roof.

The Beechwood sales guys also told me he had 'more room to move on price'

Time to get Kylie down to go through the homes again.

The tenders coming in knocked Eden Brae and McDonald Jones out of the running and only just had ProCorp sticking in the running.

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