Friday, 6 January 2012

Display Home madness

Decided to head out to Kellyville and then Jordan Springs to check out some designs while I was on holidays. Got a bit lost on the way to Kellyville as the display homes had been moved..... Had a look a quite a few places and had lunch in the back of the car sambo's tasted great.

Then off to Jordan Springs, the GPS in the car had been playing up but I decided that I knew where I was going so instead of using my phone GPS I  relied on my awesome sense of direction. Got us lost about 5 times before the phone GPS was out and then decided to ignore that at one stage because I 'knew where I was' but I didn't.....

Allworth Display Kellyville - Winton Verve Elevation
Had a bit of a disagreement in the car but finally made it to the Jordan Springs houses to check them out

Clarendon Display Jordan Springs

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  1. Hi devestate, Great blog and your house looks fantastic! We are also deciding on a builder and would be interested if you remember if you wouldn't mind sharing how much you paid for 2590mm ceilings
    and 2340mm door height? Cheers Amelia