Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Painters started!!

Went past the house on Saturday and the painters have started, will go past again in the next few days to get a look at the render colour.

The mission for this weekend was to sort out the flooring for the house that we need to organise afterwards.

Saturday was our tile shopping day - went down to do the local shops first, into Macarthur Tiles and we liked one of the tiles we saw on the way in. The DW said she liked it and joked we should stop looking..... walked around the shop for another 40 minutes and went back to the first tile. They let us take a sample (to keep 450x450) so took that to the display which has a heap of the same colours internally as our place SOLD!!

Here is the tile on our outside table
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 768)Image

Had Sunday off but back out Monday to shop for carpet and decide on if we do some floating flooring in the entryway. For carpet we decided on Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet in a Mushroom colour

I think this is it...
Zoom in (real dimensions: 768 x 1024)Image

While at the carpet place we had the floor tile and selected a floor we liked and grabbed that sample and our tile and back to the display to check out what it looked like. Seems OK so basically as you open the door we will have our 2 metre Entry way with the floating floor for about 5-6 metres until it hits the Formal Lounge which will start the tiles.

Floating Floor colour

Happy to have that part all sorted, ordered and should all be waiting once we get the house so will just need to organise installers :)

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