Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tiler started!!

Tiler started on Monday, most of the internal done. Just some cuts and in the pantry to do so am guessing grout on Thursday

Trying to find a concreter to do the driveway, the guy up the road is too busy finishing his place to do mine himself. Sent a mate out to quote me last week and still waiting for the price, my DW is going to call up a couple of others tomorrow to get a couple of other quotes. Want to get that sorted and done quickly so we don't have to walk on dirt to get in once we get our flooring done.

We have an Electrical issue in the house meaning we can't use 2/3rds of the powerpoints...... the on call electrician was out last week to look at it, after spending about 4 hours at the place and changing a heap of stuff he was scratching his head. They start back with all the staff next Monday so will bring the guy out that wired the place and hopefully sort it out

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