Sunday, 13 May 2012

Plans ready for review

Got a call this morning while making a couple of Bacon and Egg rolls for breakfast from Allworth. The plans are back and I can pick them up for review. I was around the corner so ducked across and checked them out.

The things I'd asked to fix the first time were still not correct........ Started to write up what needed to be changed further and was told the plan had a letter attached that any further amendments would be all that would be completed. So I wrote everything out and asked if it was possible to speak/meet with the Drafting guys to make sure everything was done correctly and to find out why one of my requests could not be completed due to a 'Construction Constraint'.

I was told that would not be and issue and given the person to call and organise a time to head into the office. So I took the plans and amendment list ready for tomorrow.

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