Monday, 14 May 2012

No Deal.....

Left two voice mails at Allworth head office when in the afternoon gets a call from my Sales Consultant advising me he has been informed by Management that all correspondence has to go through the Sales Office.

So no contact between me and Head Office staff...... Sounds good for down the track!!

Raised my concerns that I didn't want to have the same errors come back and that I wanted a change made to the pier I had asked to be moved to align it with the Facade. Explained what I wanted and he called the person that I had spoken to, the return call indicated that there would be no issue with my suggestion.

The next issue was that I couldn't get the plans back to them until the weekend. The Sales Consultant said he would come to our place the next day to pick the paperwork up as it was his suggestion that I meet with Head Office direct.

To make sure 100% what I wanted was going to be done I decided to draw up each section of the floor plan that needed modification to send that in with it. If they get it wrong now I'll be going to the office weather I'm allowed there or not!

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