Thursday, 30 August 2012

We have tradies onsite!!

So I assume the piers are complete, went down just before 12pm to do the measure and had my fingers crossed we would be under 80lm...... Had a laugh with the concreter's and then down to business, 59 holes in at 74.6lm so a minor bit of cash back but better than going over.

They told me that they did a job at Harrington Park last week that on the first pier hole was 0.9m but ended in a total of 161lm with some major depth before they hit solid ground.

Pics below, might get some of concrete over the weekend. They said the slab would be poured maybe Tuesday arvo but if not would be done on Wednesday.

Fence up

View from the Garage

View from Alfresco

Concreter ready to measure

Alfresco Pier

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