Friday, 14 September 2012

Roof Trusses on

Went out that way today as I had to take my son to the Dr on his Birthday (yay, sick on your birthday)

The roof is on and the windows are all in, including my Garage Window that is meant to be removed. I contacted the builder and they said they instructed the Carpenter to install it so it would not get stolen over the weekend.

Spoke to my SS on the phone and he told me that the Facia and Guttering will be done next week and that the bricks will be delivered at the end of the week with them scheduled to be layed at some point on the week of the 24th September.

Some pics below....

Standard Front Shot

Master Bedroom Corner

Garage side - window to be removed

Rear Alfresco

Footpath view


  1. Looking good!! How is the build coming along? Have they started bricking?

  2. I've been slack updating, bricking almost completed now. Would have been done but rained at the end of last week