Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Contact from the builder

Just had a call from home, the Deputy Construction Manager went onsite today.

He has emailed us to let us know that the items raised are being actioned, some have been completed and the rest are booked in to be resolved.

The Bath spout will be relocated to the correct position but this will push completion into next week some time due to the amount of work involved.

The house will be cleaned to "Industry Standard", so we are getting clarification on what that is....... aslong as it mean's the floor is vaccumed and cupboards, benches and wet area's all cleaned that should be OK

My wife was told by the GM it should be "like a shiny penny" when you walk in.

Good to see them onto everything, we have told them not to rush the work as we want it done right not fast.

Overall a little disappointing as we wont be able to get anything done until 2013 now :(

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