Sunday, 14 October 2012

Family site visit

It has been a while since the little bloke has been at the site, we had Sunday morning free so decided to take him past. He wanted to visit the "Cow Park", there are concrete cows in a park near the display village out there, so out we went.

He was excited to see the bricks around the house, so was my wife, so was a good time to go as it was a nice day. Went to the cow park and to the Allworth display as he wanted to visit Peter our Sales Consultant and watch TV in the display....

Luckly for him he got to watch a Chuggington episode and then back to the park for a picnic lunch before the trip home.

Decided to drive past our house and noticed someone had been onsite and put up the roof scaffolding, on a Sunday!!!

We had be gone for all of about an hour or so and the whole thing was up and nobody around, took a pic...

Ready for a roof

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